About the platform

HeCo Invest supports the Heritage Colombia program in its efforts to stimulate and channel funding for high-impact projects in the Amazon region of Colombia.

The platform will use the most advanced technologies and Artificial Intelligence applications to provide in one place data and tools to connect investors, donors and philanthropists with carefully selected projects in high priority locations defined by Heritage Colombia.

The IDB Lab, the Paulson Institute, the World Wildlife Fund, the Spanish Cooperation Fund, the Basque Center for Climate Change and Google Cloud are joining forces to launch this platform which can later be deployed across all Amazonian countries.

About HeCo

Heritage Colombia (HeCo) is a national initiative led by the Colombian Ministry of Environment. The initiative is to secure 20 million hectares of sustainable landscape over the next 20 years, through investments in conservation and sustainable development.

HeCo will support the improved management of ecosystems in the Amazon, Andes, Orinoco, Pacific, and Caribbean regions. This aims to ensure the long-term sustainability of natural capital, through creating and channeling new and additional financial flows from the public and private sectors into specific projects and initiatives.

About the partners

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Herencia Colombia
Presidencia de ColombiaMinisterio de ambiente y desarrollo sostenibleDepartamiento Nacional de Planeacion
Unidad Administrativa de Parques Nacionales Naturales de ColombiaPatrimonio NaturalGordon and Betty Moore FoundationConservation InternationalWildlife Conservation SocietyWorld Wildlife FundAndes Amazon FundThe Nature ConservancyBezos Earth Fund

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Volo FundationBobolink FundacionGlobal environment facilityUnited Nations Development ProgrammeThe World BankEuropean UnionFood and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations - FAOTrillion TreesInter American Development BankGreen Climate Fund

Powered by ARIES: The First AI-powered 'Knowledge Commons'

The climate crisis is where short-term thinking and long-term consequences collide. How to think long-term in a short-term world?

ARtificial Intelligence for Environment & Sustainability (ARIES) is an international research project intending to make the first Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered 'Knowledge Commons' to integrate citizens and scientists' multidisciplinary knowledge and achieve climate adaptation and mitigation faster.

Only by understanding nature’s contributions to people and the economy can we push for policy-making where nature counts.

This is why ARIES is developing a 'Wikipedia-like' platform, that is collaborative, open-source and enables interoperable models and data. For the first time, this generates new knowledge through integrating the existing platform with the ultimate scope of building a more sustainable and resilient future for all.

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About the impact

HeCo Invest will benefit poor and vulnerable people living in HeCo priority landscapes.

In the face of the economic and social crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, there is an urgent need to support the transition to a green, fair, and resilient economy that creates jobs, addresses inequality, and drives inclusive growth.

Investments in HeCo Invest will contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation. Investments will conserve the natural capital and associated environmental services of some of the most biodiverse landscapes on the planet.

How is the impact calculated?

ARIES estimate - in a scientifically-informed and accurate manner - the impact of each project in each one of our four dimensions of interest based on existing knowledge and data. These impacts are calculated on a scale from 0 (low impact) to 10 (high impact).


endemism, conservation restoration potential, landscape connectivity


wood and soil biomass, application of sustainable forest measures


income, sustainable projects


water cycling, quality, and risk management

These investments will support the country’s ambitious climate, biodiversity, and sustainable development goals. They will create resilient landscapes that serve as spaces for inclusion and peacebuilding, with opportunities for improved human well-being and development.

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