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HeCo Invest manages a wide range of investment and financing opportunities (investment opportunities for loan, equity or grant funding) in various sector categories and priority landscapes for the conservation and development of Colombia, primarily focusing on the Amazon region.

Thanks to our integration with ARIES, an ARtificial Intelligence tool that integrates expert knowledge, Semantics and Machine Reasoning technology, we can estimate a projects’ impact along our four dimensions of interest: Climate, Biodiversity, Water, Community to guide and track your investment decisions.

10% of the world's biodiversity is located in Colombia

Colombia’s natural wealth places the country in the 2nd position in the world biodiversity ranking.

Colombia has 1,494 protected areas

Colombia’s protected areas cover an area of about 49 million hectares. This represents 17% of the country's land area and 30% of the marine area.

Why invest in the Amazon

Investing in the Amazon means contributing to improving the quality of life for more than 30 million people. Additionally, it contributes to the development and conservation of one of the most diverse regions with extensive coverage of protected areas in Colombia. It is also a vital region for South America and the world.

© Luis Barreto / WWF-UK

By priority landscapes

The HeCo priority landscapes or conservation mosaics are geographic spaces of unique biodiversity conditions with sustainability and management plans developed by Heritage Colombia to ensure quality ecosystem services. Read more

HeCo priority landscapes
HeCo priority landscapes

Amazonian Piedmont Massif

Being a point of transition and meeting between the two most biodiverse biomes on Earth, the Tropical Andes and the Amazon, the Mosaic foothills represents one of the regions with the greatest biodiversity in the world.

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Orinoquía Transition

Helps to ensure connectivity between the Andean, Orinocean and Amazonian ecosystems, allowing the conservation of flora, fauna, scenic beauties, geomorphological complexes, historical or cultural manifestations, the conservation and regulation of water systems.

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It is an ecoregion covered with savannahs of high floristic diversity and habitats representative of the evolutionary processes of the Guiana Shield. It includes both blackwater and whitewater rivers that feed the great Orinoco River, creating different types of seasonally flooded forests.

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Amazon Heart

It is an area with a number of attributes related to heterogeneity that maintain the structure and ecological processes that characterize it as the Heart of the Amazon. It is also one of the most unique natural and cultural heritages in the colombian territory due to its exuberant cultural diversity.

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Eastern Mountain Range

Description under construction

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Pacific - Caribbean Transition

Description under construction

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Central Mountain Range

It encompasses high mountain ecosystems: moors, Andean forests, wetlands, glaciers, and volcanic complexes. It has the highest proportion of glaciers in Colombia, with four of the remaining six snowy peaks. Additionally, it houses seven moor complexes, 20% of the national total. It plays a crucial role in water capture and regulation.

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Pacific - Coastal Marine

It hosts strategic ecosystems: beaches, mangroves, cliffs, and coral reefs, providing crucial benefits to communities such as water supply, nitrogen and carbon fixation, hydrological cycle control, and habitat for species. Inhabited mainly by ethnic communities, it plays a fundamental role in sustainability and human well-being.

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A region of great diversity, it encompasses a complex system that includes one of the world's largest coastal mountain ranges, Colombia's largest coastal lagoon, mangroves, wetlands, moors, glaciers, dry ecosystems, and Andean ecosystems. Ethnic, rural, and fishing communities are found there.

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