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In the context of HeCo Invest, a ‘project’ is an investment opportunity for loan, equity or grant funding. HeCo Invest provides you with a range of resources to help you grow and have the greatest impact in Colombia.

Thanks to our model ARIES, an Artificial Intelligence tool, you can reach investors that are interested in your project and learn how your activity impacts the environment and your community.

Do you have a project or a start-up business in the Colombian Amazon?

Create an attractive project profile with well-defined attributes to intelligently connect with potential funders and investors.

Looking for the highest impact?

When you create your project profile, the platform's artificial intelligence engine will define the type of impact it will have for its geographical location to help you connect with suitable sources of support.

HeCo Invest takes you step-by-step through the presentation of your proposal and then intelligently connects you with the community and potential sources of support and funding.

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